01.Freq36 – Zorbadelia
02.DigitalX – Ignorance
03.Bodhi – Open Source
04.Noein & Full Lotus (The Undercover Freaks) – Wahey
05.Atria & Lost Reflection – State Of Flux
06.Slate – Vimana
07.Sample Bugs – Another Planet (RIP Igor)
08.Irgum Burgum – Melankoholik
09.aGh0Ri TanTriK – Go With The Flow
10.Datakult & Yata-Garasu – Distortion Malfunction
11.Aum Sector & Atria (Azareth) – Real Space Entity
12.Murukhan – Controlled Chaos
13.Twisted Kala – Funny Things
14.N.O.M – Vishudda (Rmx)

The six simple machines are the primary machines that can be found in even the most complex machines :

THE INCLINED PLANE – This simple machine allows for an object to be moved vertically without being lifted.

released February 3, 2018

Compiled by : Lost Reflection
Mastering by : Murukhan
Artwork by : Mantzaraise

© all rights reserved