01.Lost Reflection – Hypothalamus
02.Neverwaz – Land Of Neverwaz
03.Nibiru – Wildness
04.Griboz Project – Wandering In The Darkness
05.Necroillusion – Valley’s Consciousness
06.Ozore – Evil Clowns
07.Ion Vader – Dyr
08.Medicinmannen – Chenrezig
09.Sirtja – Spiritual Space
10.Noein – Necromancer
11.Marcohm – The Proverbial Mind Spread
12.WeirDel – Tool
13.Vorr – Still Here {bonus track}

The Six Simple Machines are the primary machines that can be found in even the most complex machines.

The Wheel And Axle :
This machine is setup such that the axle is connected to the center of the wheel.This setup allows the wheel to be thereby be set in motion once the axle starts to turn.

released April 8, 2016

Compiled by : Lost Reflection
Mastering by : Resonant Status @ Block 25 Studios
Artwork Painting by : Ble

@all rights reserved