01.Spectral Viewer – Rite Of Passage
02.Noein – There’s A Frog In My Prog
03.Declaration of Unity – Off The Ground
04.Hexatech – Make It Stop
05.Dark River – Ancestor
06.Mendor – The Big Lie
07.The Mok – Ghost Of The Future
08.Lost Reflection – Entering The Jungle
09.Necroillusion – Decarabia
10.Shadowform – The Shadow Blessings
11.Archeos – Alternative Progress
12.Psy-Mr. vs Alkemika – Human Troubles {bonus track}

The Six Simple Machines are the primary machines that can be found in even the most complex machines :

This simple machine reverses the direction of a force,and when multiple pulleys are utilized in conjuction with each other,less force is required to lift an object. The one downside of using multiple pulleys is that the rope’s end must have across a longer distance than the object being lifted.

released November 11, 2015

Compiled by : Lost Reflection
Mastering by : Resonant Status @ Block 25 Studios
Artwork Painting by : Ble

@all rights reserved