Sassu Wunnu

01.Jangaramongara – Long Tails (Silent Horror rmx)
02.Komfuzius – Paranormal Phenomena
03.Chemical Spoon – Hyper Floor
04.Master Pain – Suavecito
05.Lost Reflection – Riavale In Space
06.Irgum Burgum – Balkanphonetics
07.Hishiryo vs Zamurah – Smoking Mirror
08.Revolted – Natas U Knaht
09.Yata-Garasu – Winry
10.Dekhat Bhuli – Eddie On Acid
11.Murukhan – Audio Maze

The head is the head of a serpent,
From his nostrils mucus trickles,
His mouth is beslavered with water;
The ears are like those of a basilisk,
His horns are twisted into three curls,
He wears a veil in his head band,
The body is a suh-fish full of stars,
The base of his feet are claws,
The sole of his foot has no heel,
His name is Sassu-Wunnu,
A sea monster, a form of Ea…

released September 20, 2014

Compiled by : Lost Reflection
Mastering by : Resonant Status @ Block 25 Studios
Artwork by : Mantzaraise

© all rights reserved