Nyxta – Born Under Black Veil (EP)

2.The Screaming Dusk
3.Born Under Black Veil
4.Dark Flutter Of Wisdom

This story is based on Nyx, a primal entity that supersedes all fictional boundaries. Νύξ is an ancient cosmological being of such power that was feared and respected even by Zeus himself.
According to the creation myth of the ancient Gods, Nyx was born through chaos and darkness, and she was the mother of the sky and the daylight and of Charon, Hypnos and Thanatos.
With this music story and our deepest inspiration we wish to bring to life memories of this ancient deity and we invite you to this mystical journey that the father of the Gods himself, Zeus, feared to face…

released April 21, 2020

Project by : Necroillusion & Psywind

Written & Produced by : Chris Spirakis & Nikos Spiliotis
Mastering by : Paranoia Sector
Artwork by : Paranoia Sector

@all rights reserved