Neverwaz – The Unexpected Journey (EP)

1. Neverwaz – 8 October
2.Neverwaz – Babalou
3.Neverwaz – Ipeiros
4.Neverwaz – Welcome Summer

Sometime that X had fell asleep , he dreamed that he was sitting on a big swing and his eyes were staring to lost. Then little Xx in a very far country named Maniar automatically started to live a journey of memories….
Such a long and tortured journey ,he decided to annihilate the distance between them,so he opened a hole in his head in order to go inside. He was sure that going inside when X awakes,he will take him into the real world.
So it be done…
The little guy Xx is inside the head of X. Maybe the place is very narrow but his hardships have finished. Everything were rolling perfect for both of them,totally in harmony.
XX lives now safely and peacefully.He has to find clever ideas so that his time will be happy.But cause of the narrow place he couldn’t do a lot of things. So he decides to fix a music organ,that looked like a guitar, but it was like a big piano and a barrel organ.The sound of this strange music machine resounded in the head of X so that he started to whistle the sound of this strange machine…

released April 7, 2017

Written & Produced by : Kostas Polyzogopoulos
Mastering by : Petran
Artwork Painting & Concept by : Ble

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