Necroillusion – Mind Adventure (EP)

1.Necroillusion – Wing’s Pollen
2.Necroillusion – South Dimension
3.Necroillusion – Mind Adventure
4.Necroillusion – Faceless Manipulator
5.Necroillusion – Rusted Karma

Project “Mind Adventure” is based on the mental and spiritual adventures of the human mind dating from past primal times up to our present.
Humans evolve along with Art, and vice verca. There have been times when Art has manifested something quite joyous and others something more sorrowful.
The reason of such transitions derives from the society’s status quo itself. Upon close speculation to the events of humankind’s history, one can realise that the Art produced in each era and the sentiments that emerged were influenced by the social state of each period. Nowadays, as our times move forward, the universe’s karma will rapidly change in different ways and every form of Art will reflect our society and every little thing in the universe.
It’s up to us to affect on anything negative and bad we see or feel in the world around us and change it. Each and every individual and entity on this planet bares the responsibility of their own psyche and spirit’s clarity and purity…

released December 7, 2015

Written & Produced by : Chris Spyrakis
Mastering by : Resonant Status @ Block 25 Studios
Artwork by : Paranoia Sector

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