Mhakavaya – Nonlocality (EP)

2.Broken Time

The concept of “non-locality”, which corresponds to the concept of “lâmekân” in Sufism, means “placeless”. Distinctions such as shape, form and place have not yet existed at the atomic level; it is impossible to separate a place or thing from another place or thing.
Everything we see and know, comes from that level in the essence of the universe, so that the universe is described as the original, unlimited possibility of the sea, with every possible thing and place coming out of it. This feature which emphasizes the place of every place in the space we see is called “non-locality” in physics.

released July 29, 2018

Written & Produced by : Orkun Murat Yildirim
Mastering by : Biomekanik
Artwork by : Paranoia Sector

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