01.Abducted Brain – A Light In The Dark
02.Sionnach – Red Wave
03.Cosmic Lizard – Lost Summers
04.D.O.C – Ice’o’lation
05.Paranoia Sector – My Darkest Self
06.Atria & Noein – Apoptosis
07.Intra Frekish Void – Collective Brain
08.Pshiris – Lord Of The Potatoes
09.Alien Chaos & Aum Sector – Mind Performance
10.Sepehraka – Fresh Sensation
11.Nyxta – Woolpit [bonus track]

The science of neurobiology is changing our understanding about social emotions, showing us how inspiration is intertwined with our biological survival as a species. People feel moved when they hear inspirational stories about other human beings, for instance stories of hardship and tragedy overcome by virtue such as hard work, determination, smarts and grit. Science is showing that when we hear these inspirational stories, more blood flows to our brain stem – the very part of our brain that makes our heart beat, regulates our breathing and keeps us alive. You are literally feeling inspiration on the very substrate of your own biological survival.

released March 19, 2018

Compiled by : Aum Sector
Mastering by : Alien Chaos
Artwork by : Paranoia Sector

@all rights reserved